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Valuable raw ingredients and lots of rice as an extremely easily digestible carbohydrate make BELCANDO® ADULT MULTI-CROC ideally compatible.





Specially selected raw ingredients, tasty duck and liver make BELCANDO® FINEST CROC the first choice for the gourmets among adult dogs. 



Best-quality raw ingredients carefully prepared and combined to make a holistic dog food. BELCANDO® SENIOR SENSITIVE is the ideal food for older or sensitive dogs.









Beef with potatoes & peas


Chicken & duck with millet & carrots


Lamb with rice & tomatoes






Junior poultry & eggs




Turkey with rice & courgette


Lamb with potatoes & cranberries





Venison with millet & lingonberry


Beef with spaetzle & courgettes


Chicken with rice, carrots & courgettes



Duck with rice & lingonberry





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